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Great ideas for holiday gifts for the boss

What’s Hot for the Holidays for the Boss?

It’s one of those yearly conundrums that face offices throughout the country each year.  What do we get for the boss?  It can’t be too expensive, because usually no one wants to contribute much, and it can’t be too controversial either.  Yet, the office gift to the boss needs to be the highlight of the office Christmas party, so the pressure is always on to find something clever.  When it comes to finding gifts for the boss, the ideal shopping destination is North Conway!  From North Conway Village to Settlers’ Green Outlet Village, you’ll find a number of ideal gifts that even the newest member of the staff will line up to contribute to.

Here are some ideas…

  • Everyone loves chocolate! Visit the Bavarian Chocolate Haus near North Conway Village or Lindt Chocolate Shop in Settlers’ Green Outlet Village and put together a gift box of fabulous chocolate truffles.  If you’re lucky, maybe the boss will keep them on the front desk for everyone to enjoy! 
  • Here’s the perfect idea for an office party gift! Write-on Party Hats!  Head to The Penguin Gallery of NH in North Conway Village for a kit filled with markers and party hats, then let the creativity begin after everyone’s had their first drink! 
  • Is the boss a skier? Salvadore Michael’s Framed Art Superstore, near North Conway Village, has some fabulous artworks reminding the boss about a favorite place he or she would rather be – Mt Washington Valley’s ski resorts!  Zeb’s General Store also has a collection of Mt Washington Valley ski resort artwork, mugs and other accessories. Head to the second floor for those. 
  • No doubt your boss travels with a laptop.  Travelpro at Settlers’ Green has a great collection of laptop cases. In fact, they all feature an exclusive strap allowing the case to be attached to a carry on.  One creative office even found one that fits on the boss’s motorcycle, solving the problem of how to commute to work with the laptop!  Look for a number of fun cases for tablets at Wilson Leather in Settlers’ Green too. 
  • Does the boss use the office restroom too? A collection of tongue-in-cheek POOPourri available at Fields of Ambrosia in North Conway Village would give everyone a giggle. Try the lemony signature Poopourri scent, or put together a whole collection including scents like The Royal Flush, Doody Free and Deja Poo! 
  • Here’s a really nice idea! Create a customized wine just for the boss with his or her own label at Vintner’s Cellar Winery in North Conway Village.  From whites to reds, you’ll customize your wine to match his or her personality – from firey reds to gentle whites – and create a custom name and label with as much or as little humor as you like.
  • Speaking of customized, how about a customized coffee from Frontside Grind?  Order a minimum of 10 lbs., and the flavor can be customized and named for the boss.  Perhaps the whole office will benefit from this when it’s shared in the coffee room. While you’re there, pick up the perfect little mug lid, to turn the boss’s everyday mug into a commuter cup. And while you’re in the village, enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee or beautiful pastries at The Met Coffeehouse or Frontside Grind. 
  • Is the boss a tea drinker? The Chef’s Market in North Conway Village has a beautiful collection of specialized teapots, tea mugs and teas for the discerning tea drinker.  Time your visit here with lunch or choose from a number of pre-made entrees for dinner too. 
  • How about a whole slew of customized hats for the whole office?  Whether it’s the company logo or a common phrase used in the office Lids in Settlers’ Green can embroider just about anything on just about any color hat.  Purchase a dozen or more and the embroidery is free. 
  • And last but certainly not least…How about a Dammit Doll for the boss who needs a real stress reliever? Available in the gift shop at the Conway Scenic Railroad, the damnit doll is designed for cursing and makes the perfect item to fling against walls when the boss needs a stress outlet.

 For more great ideas for holiday gifts from Mt Washington Valley, visit and click on shopping or click here.