Into the White Mountain National Forest

One of the Mt Washington Valley’s most prized attractions is the White Mountain National Forest, spanning more than 800,000 acres, and featuring some of the most untamed and beautiful country in the Northeast, including the Presidential Mountain Range and 6,288 foot Mount Washington.

This treasured landscape surrounds Mt. Washington Valley. That means you’re not far from discovering natural beauty, diverse wildlife and vegetation, and recreation that runs the gamut from easy going experiences to challenging extremes.
Hosting millions of annual visitors the White Mountain National Forest has earned its special place in the National Forest System. People travel from near and far to experience more than 1200 miles of trails, 400 miles of snowmobile trails, 160 miles of Appalachian Trail, 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in elevation, and more. It's all right there for you to enjoy. We simply ask that you use it responsibly to ensure the long term health of the natural habitats.

Go Into the Forest and discover your Mt. Washington Valley adventure!


Since acquiring its first sanctuary in the 1960s, NH Audubon has been committed to the conservation of ecologically important lands. As of 2014, NH Audubon currently owns 39 sanctuaries totaling over 7,400 acres and holds 26 easements totaling over 2,500 acres.  Including our other land interests, that’s over 10,000 acres conserved.
Land conservation policy focuses on acquiring land that would add to the protection, management or educational value of existing sanctuaries.
NHA sanctuaries are open to the public and free of charge. We hope you enjoy visiting them. If interested in learning more please contact (603) 224-9909 or at

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National Forest Foundation

Learn about the non-profit partner of the US Forest Service and their efforts in the White Mountain National Forest. 


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