The Skinny Towel & Washcloth Co.

The Skinny Towel & Washcloth Co. LLC, is based in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. Our products are 100% cotton, eco-friendly and are made in New Hampshire. And because we love the 603, our colors are a reflection of NH's cities and towns, including Wolfeboro Wheat, Berlin Blue, North Conway Cranberry and Portsmouth Pear.

Our Skinny Stuff includes:

The Skinny Washcloth: Ideal for washing your back, front and all over, for folks with limited reach or flexibility, washing dishes or for cleanups around the house. It also likes walks along the beach, gym workouts and its small size and dryability make it the perfect pardner for walking, running, hiking, biking and camping.   

The Mini Skinny Washcloth: About half the size of The Skinny
Washcloth. During our washcloth research, we found too many people were using their washcloths to wash their faces too. Ick! The Mini Skinny Washcloth™ also works nicely as a napkin and for makeup removal.

The Skinny Towel: The biggest member of the Skinny Family. Just as absorbent as a traditional bath towel, its skinny shape and
size are perfect for drying your entire body after a bath, shower or swim. As for walking around unbalanced with that big, ol’ wet, heavy traditional bath towel wrapped around your head after a shampoo, say ta-ta.

The Skinny Dog Towel: What's worse than accidentally using the dog's towel to wipe your brow? Actually, nothing. To make sure that Spot has his towel and you have yours, we came up with The Skinny Dog Towel. Comes in the shapes of hearts, dog biscuits and the Little Black Dog Towel.