Atlantic Pool & Spa, LLC

Click here to visit: Your complete local full service pool, spa and sauna store.  We service all major brands of pools, spas, & saunas.  We carry all the chemicals, parts and accessories that you may need.
    Thinking about getting a new hot tub?  We carry Nordic, Caldera, & Dimension One, so you can find the tub that fits you best!  Already have a hot tub?  We stock all the chemicals, filters, & parts that you may need.  We also offer free water testing.  Do you have questions about water chemistry?  We can help.  We will take the time to answer your questions & remember, we make water care easy!
     Don't have time to balance your water for your pool or spa?  Is this your second home & you just want to get in your pool or spa when you arrive for the weekend?  We have pool & spa boy services where we will go out & balance the chemicals in your water, so you can sit back & enjoy your time.
    How about a new sauna?  We carry Finnleo traditional & infrared saunas.  We also carry all the accessories & do service on them as well.

Special Prices on Saunas & Hot Tubs!
Free pool & spa chemical classes,
at the Altantic Pool & Spa store, call
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