Wellness on a Budget

My name is Tammy Potter and I have been a customer and marketing executive with Melaleuca since 2012. My home has seen great improvements in health and wellness as well as energy. I love the products and love sharing them with others as I love seeing others health improve! Everyone from young children with asthma, as my own son, to adults suffering with psoriasis, to older people (such as my dad) who loves to ski and has found more energy, stamina and less arthritic aches and pains when using our naturally derived, science backed products. Not claiming any healing miracles here, but sharing personal testimony of the improvements I have personally witnessed. Others could have different experiences.  

Melaleuca is an American manufacturing company based in Idaho Falls, ID. They manufacture environmentally safe products using naturally derived ingredients paired with the best of science. 

Melaleuca is a consumer direct marketing company. Meaning that Melaleuca manufactures and then ships directly to the customers who purchase their products! Every customer that purchases from Melaleuca was referred by another customer. Melaleuca does not advertise, but chooses instead to share those advertising dollars with customers who share Melaleuca with others.


Please feel free to contact me for more info @ 207-689-5574.