Solar Conserves

Solar Conserves is located in Conway, NH with an additional office in Houlton, Maine. Solar Conserves is currently evaluating properties and assessing their solar energy farm potential. Solar Conserves works directly with landowners to lease their available land for the purpose of large scale solar farm development. The renewable, clean energy produced by the solar farm is then delivered to the electrical grid.

We are actively seeking land to lease for new project development. Solar Conserves is a proponent of strong working relationships between landowners, solar developers and the wider community. We provide long, generous lease terms which mean landowners can rely on their land to be a source of healthy passive income while preserving land ownership for future generations.We generate and manage long term land lease agreements using strict site selection criteria while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Finding suitable land is the preliminary first step in developing widespread access to renewable solar energy. Solar farms have particular space and location requirements that need to be taken into consideration and not all land will qualify. We thoroughly research potential sites to ensure we make the best use of time and resources. An incredible amount of planning and development goes into projects of this scale and the research and development stage can last well over a year.

Do you have a large tract of land in New Hampshire or Maine? Consider placing a solar energy farm on your property and become part of the solution to costly, non-renewable, energy producing resources. The solar farm developer will cover all expenses associated with installation, permitting, metering and maintenance as well as decommissioning at the end of project. Make a wise choice for sustainability and contact Find us on FB @solarconserves


Does your land meet the following criteria?

  • 7 - 150 usable acres

  • Proximity to utility substation and three phase power

  • Limited wetlands/floodplains

  • No known endangered species habitat

  • Relatively Flat