Robert Frost Public Charter School

The Robert Frost Public Charter School blends the instructional strategy of Project-Based Learning with the Montessori educational philosophy and curriculum to create a unique educational model that creates a 21st century classroom. In our mixed-age classrooms teachers act as learning guides that motivate students to actively engage in their own learning. Children master new skills through individualized, hands-on activities and large-group collaborative experiences based on real projects.

The RFCS curriculum is an integration of Montessori education methods, materials and teacher training, the 21st Century Skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and Common Core Standards.

  • The Montessori component of the RFCS curriculum is derived from teaching manuals earned upon the completion of rigorous training courses in American Montessori Society affiliated teacher education programs that are authorized to award AMS credentials in Early Childhood, Elementary I, Elementary II, or Secondary I education.

  • RFCS curriculum incorporates the Framework for 21st Century Learning through project-based skill acquisition applications. Written by the national Partnership for 21st Century Skills organization, this Framework covers all grade levels, K – 12.

  • Our academic curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards of language and Math for the K-5th grade level, Language and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and TEchnical Skills in grades 6 -8.

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The Robert Frost Public Charter School is currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2020/2021 school year.

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