Resilience Counseling and Training Center

Marriage, Family & Individual Counseling.
Also Consulting & Coaching services to families, schools, and businesses/organizations

Resilience is the ability to set a positive, productive and fulfilling direction in your personal life, in your marriage, & in your family and to be able to handle adversity, stress and difficulties in stride; to ‘bounce back' and continue to grow, develop and realize your goals in life.

We all deserve the best life possible. Over the course of our lives, we each develop a personal style of perceiving ourselves and others along which lead to habitual behavioral patterns, i.e. our unique personality style. Often, we do not consciously realize our habitual thoughts and behavioral patterns, our ‘fallback' relationship styles.

In order to lead resilient, emotionally intelligent, and physically healthy lives however, it is important to “Know Thyself” (Socrates) completely. Counseling & Therapy at RCTC is a place for you to gain a fuller and healthier understanding of yourself and your relationships. It's all about you, your marriage, your family as you learn to create your best life.