FD Signon

FD SignON is a Text Messaging Incident Responding & Department Communication System. With FD SignON your Fire Department will be able to know:  WHAT the incident is – WHERE the incident is – WHO is responding to your calls. All on your members own cell phones in real time. You will also be able to send inner department communications to your members, without the need to send out a Tone – this can also be done by a Team members on their cell phone or by logging to your FD SignON admin system.

With FD SignON your CAD Dispatch Center sends the incident to our system through a dedicated address we give them – the incident is converted to a text message and is sent to your TEAM members phones in about 9 seconds. The Firefighter will be able to see the Incident / location and other information on their phones. They will then be able to press one button that they are responding – right from the Text Message pop up incident screen. All other Firefighters then see the responding Firefighters name on their phones and where they are responding to: Station or Scene. The incident screen looks like all others text messages that everyone receives everyday, no thumbing through their phone to get to the correct screen.

FD SignON works with Basic or Smart cell phones and is Text messaged based: Not using Firefighter’s personal cell phone data * No Apps to download * No extra computers * No monitors or special training is needed…Just the information you want to know… What & Where is the Incident is and Who is coming !!

Finally !!!  A system that is AFFORDABLE and EASY to USE


FREE 90 DAY TRIAL:  FD SignON offers a 90 Day Free Trial of our system to all departments. You will receive a complete system – setup for your department to test all features.

Team – $225.00 for yearly subscription Includes:

· Up to 75 members per a TEAM

· Dedicated TEAM Phone number

· Free technical support

· No added cost for Text messages within our system (members are responsible for their Cell phone plan text messages cost)

· No setup charge

With FD Signon you are also able to have multiple “Team” within your department. Each Team will have its own dedicated phone number. So the department can have a Members Team, Officer Team etc. and as many Team as needed. Any person can be in as many Teams as needed, so the Officers would be in the Members Team, but Members would not be in Officers and so on…

• Each Added Teams: $150.00 for yearly subscription

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