Eishaus Management Services

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Help us keep you open and safe through this pandemic. Our company is now offering MWV COVID-19 removal, preventive & management through the most advanced patented technology available. We are using Victory Electrostatic sprayer which provides an electrical charge for cleaning/disinfection and sanitizing solutions, allowing the solution to wrap around conductive surfaces with an effective, even coverage eradicating Bacteria, Viruses and Mold. This is proven to be the most effective method of killing COVID-19 by Sanitizing & Disinfection up to 24- 48 hrs. We use an eco-friendly solution proven safe for all surfaces including food and electronics. It leaves no film and dries in approximately 10-15 minutes and it can be used while people are in the area.

Please see link for information on the Victory machine patented technology; www.victorycomplete.com/.  For verified additional information about the business that are using Victory please see link https://www.victorycomplete.com/in-the-news/ and its extensive uses for all types of businesses.

Our sister company is FMS out of Portland Maine https://www.fmsmaine.com/ and they have been using the Victory Sprayer since before COVID-19 was a dialogue. Some of their accounts consist of Spectrum, Knickerbocker Architectural & Interior design Firm, various school systems, law offices, tech companies buildings, hotel & seasonal rentals, restaurants among many more. We worked with them before we moved to MWV. Their prices are as follows; $800 for a space of 2500/3K sq. foot area with an additional $.75 over that sq. footage and then $1200 for 6000/7K sq. foot again with an additional $.75 for anything above this. 

Since the beginning of our business here in MWV we have contracts with Sport Thoma's 10 retail locations please see link for business information https://www.sportthoma.com/  and Moat Mountain Smokehouse and brewery; please link for business information https://www.moatmountain.com/. They are using our services as a preventive measure. They usually have us come in once a week at the beginning of the weekend because of the sanitizing & disinfection duration that the spray technology provides. However, our service may be used as a single service if the business has been exposed to COVID-19.

As an introduction we can offer a demonstration to really show how unique and effective the Victory patented technology is on eliminating COVID-19, bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of dangerous molds. To give businesses an affordable way to access this technology we are offering 50% off.

Introductory Pricing would be as follows:

  • $200 for 500/2K sq. foot anything additional will be $0.50
  • $400 for 2500/3K sq. foot anything additional will be $0.50
  • $600 for 6000/7K sq. foot anything additional will be $0.50
  • TBD for anything above 7000 sq. foot

Due to our new entry into the MVW we are offering an additional 20% off any other verified competitor’s prices.

We are here to support our local businesses and keep them open. We are fully insured through Chalmers Insurance Group.