Donna Torney, MA, LMHC

Hello! My name is Donna Torney.

I’m a licensed psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. This simply means that I consider the effects of the mind on the body and the body on the mind when I help individuals work through situational challenges and everyday stress. I work with many emerging and established adults who are struggling to live in our fast-paced society with more peace and less anxiety. I was lucky to go through my clinical training during the “mindfulness revolution” – when research on the brain/body benefits of mindfulness and related contemplative practices was exploding.

Just like you, I strive to live in my body and not in my head.

I do this by hiking, skiing and hanging out in the woods, and fitting in meditation and yoga when I can.
I am interested to hear how you stay mindful.
I’m the momma of two Millennials, and two younger children of a generation yet to be named.
I’m married to an artist/naturally chill guy.
I grew up in New Hampshire and will soon be opening a micro retreat center in the White Mountains.
I have too much energy, but I mostly put it to good use.