Becket Family of Services

The primary focus of Becket’s Adult programs in New Hampshire is in fostering the clients’ ability to become autonomous, competent, and connected with others across all areas of their functioning.
Becket has long utilized a holistic approach to services with a clinician, BCBA and RN embedded into the programs. The clinician utilizes Good Lives Model, Trauma Informed Care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, FIP-MO, Skills System, and Feedback-Informed Treatment.

Each program challenges and assists each individual to become more productive and active members of their community. Becket offers onsite services and supports provided by highly trained staff. This includes an array of services to enhance the quality of life for each person served. Individualized clinical and behavioral treatment; counseling services; independent living skill development; vocational/educational skill development; and relationship-oriented coaching, mentoring, and teaching are the staples offered at this program. Further, staff-facilitated groups emphasizing self-care and social skills serve as a platform for our more specialized treatment services.

We are always welcoming new talent as we continue to grow; our programs are located between Bethlehem and down through the valley and into the Rochester area!