Camp Tohkomeupog

Tohkomeupog (say TO-COM-U-POG) was founded in 1932 by Milt Hoyt, who wished to create a special blend of sports, outdoor camping skills and an appreciation of nature in a setting and manner boys would love and thrive in. He succeeded and with many additions to the program, we continue to offer an environment in which a boys' self esteem grow as his physical, mental and social horizons expand. Sportsmanship is emphasized, and while competition is available, it is not essential for a successful summer.

Camp Program: Traditional
Team Sports: Baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, street hockey, volleyball.
On the Lake: Boating, canoeing, fishing, lifesaving, sailing, swimming, water skiing, water slide.
Individual Activities: Archery, badminton, arts & crafts, mountain biking, riflery, tennis, track, nature study, dances (for older boys).

We know great hiking trails, favorite mountain campsites and several secret and special mountain streams and pools and natural water slides throughout the beautiful White Mountain National Forest as well as Mount Katahdin in Maine. An avid hiker could become a member of the AMC 4,000 Foot Club with several years of camping.

Our canoe trips take place on the lakes and rivers of Eastern New Hampshire and Western Maine. Flat-water canoe trips are available to all campers, while older campers have the opportunity to go on white-water with our trained white-water instructors.

Trips are a highlight of each week. A great deal of camaraderie develops as campers share the adventure of a mountain climb, a rock climb or a canoe trip and overnight camping with their friends. Trips aid in expanding horizons, developing a feeling of self-sufficiency and self esteem. Each camper discovers how comfortably he can live outdoors. All this allows us to provide the best outdoor camping experiences any camp can offer! Adventure and Initiative Programs:
In camp, we have a climbing wall and one of the state's best low and high ropes courses. These programs provide challenge, thrill and so much more! Used in the proper way, they create great teamwork and trust; they build problem solving, leadership and communication skills. It is rewarding to see confidence and self esteem created in the boys.

Rock climbing trips have become a favorite for many campers and we know of many special locations for beginner to intermediate climbs. All climbing is under the supervision of trained instructors using the best safety and climbing gear. we always use a top rope belay (safety line) making climbing one of the safest programs in the camp.