Pet Rendezvous

“Love is a Four-Legged Word”
On May 30th   the Mount Washington Valley hosted the grand opening of a premier resort at 1513 White Mountain Highway in Madison – but you won’t be staying there.  However, your furry friends will definitely find it quite welcoming.  Karla’s Pet Rendezvous offers all the amenities of five star lodging: private bungalows or five-tier townhouses, climate controlled rooms, comfy beds, soothing music, bedtime snacks, social hours, a styling salon and spa, indoor and outdoor recreation areas, and a personal trainer and physician on site.  If your pet desires a special meal, a delightful repast will be whipped up in the well-stocked kitchen.
After thirty years in the pet grooming business, Karla Schwarz has finally realized her dream of a full-service pet resort.  Along with her two daughters, Cassidy and Payton, and with the assistance of an animal trainer, a veterinarian and a friendly receptionist, Karla has taken pet care to a whole new level.  
Her spacious, state-of-the art facility radiates cleanliness and comfort.  If you choose the Premier Gold VIP experience, your pet will have 24 hour human attention, playing all day and cuddling up to a doting caregiver at night.  On a recent tour, I was invited into “Madame’s Parlor” where a pet can enjoy his or her own living room, complete with a fireplace, couch, chair and TV.   
According to Karla, there are thirty rooms where the dogs sleep. “Some of them are suites.  We have doors that go between them.  They’re not kennels.  We went for homey – not the kennel-concrete-chain link atmosphere.”
In the salon, your pet can receive everything from a warm hydro-massage bath to a pedicure, shampoo, spa-spritz and facial.  If your pet prefers to “ruff-it”, he or she will enjoy deluxe sleeping accommodations plus three walks and one hour of group play-care every day.  If your pet requires a bit more pampering you can upgrade to a larger room and two, three or four hours of group play.
In addition to its overnight housing, Karla’s also offers Doggie Daycare.  Similar to a toddler preschool, this program is geared especially toward puppies.  It enables them to learn social skills, gain faith in people and feel safe in new situations through a half or full day program.  If you’re in the Valley on vacation, while you’re out shopping, dining and exploring, Karla’s offers to provide plenty of playtime to keep your dog entertained and out of trouble.
Two large outdoor play yards and trail hikes ensure that each pet experiences plenty of freedom in non-restrictive surroundings.
Karla also knows that a clean pet is a happy pet!  While professional grooming may be great for some, the Pet Rendezvous is unique in offering a self-serve pet washing room that makes bathing the dog a simple and pleasurable event.  Everything in the room is geared to making the task effortless and entertaining.  No appointment is necessary.  You can bring the kids, a cup of coffee, your friends, your friend’s dog….gather the gang or go solo, but leave the hassle at home.  With two waist level tubs to eliminate bending,  an automated hypo-allergenic shampoo dispensing system, electric grooming tables, warming blow dryers, brushes, combs, towels, and botanical colognes, this do-it-yourself  option is affordable and fun.
While you’re visiting, you can do some one-stop shopping by taking advantage of the retail shop on premises to pick up food and supplies.
Everything at Karla’s Pet Rendezvous is competitively priced. Although the Grand Opening isn’t until May 30th, Karla’s has been open to the public since April 1st.  
Karla’s motto is “kindness comes from the heart” and she has been providing loving care and outstanding services to pets and pet owners for over thirty years.  She got her start as an apprentice groomer down in North Carolina but has been offering her grooming services in the Valley since moving here with her husband many years ago.  After taking a three year hiatus to spend time with her young children, she’s now expanding her services with her children by her side.  
“Eventually, 17-year-old Payton will inherit the empire”, jokes Karla.  “Cassidy, age 20, is studying business, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she ends up here, too.”
The Schwarz family has three children, four dogs, one cat, and currently, eight adorable labradoodle puppies that will soon be looking for a home.  The pet resort is conveniently situated on Route 16 just two miles south of Conway Village.   For information on their services and rates, you can visit their website at or call them at 603-447-3435.

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Karla's Rendezvous for Pets is located at:
1513 NH Rt 16, Conway NH  03818
Phone (603) 447-3435
Fax (603) 447-1230
E-Mail us at
Hours of Operation: Every day  8-6:00pm

We offer many services for animals coming to the Mt Washington Valley. We are a full service Pet Care Facility.
Specialized overnight care, boarding for those who would like to bring their pets with them to hike and spend time with on vacation. Also we offer Doggie Day/Playcare, for those staying at pet friendly hotels. Your dog can play all day, while you play all will both be tired & sleep at night:-) We are full service Styling/Grooming Salon, we are happy to do flea, medicated & hydrotherapy baths for itchy pets.Also we carry a nice array of pet food & supplies. We have a Veterinarian on premises. We also offer Training Services for our clients. Visit us at