Fast Taxi / Shuttle & Delivery Services


TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE 7 days a week from 6am to 1am. Fast Taxi will transport the bride and groom and your wedding guests comfortably and safely so that everyone can truly enjoy the reception! Our drivers will take you to the airport, pick you up after a long day hiking, take you to a local restaurant or deliver your dinner.  We will pick up your prescriptions, drive you to medical appointments, or run errands for you.  We will even pick up the kids! and take care of your relatives (who decided to drop by unannounced)!

How about a trip to the casino!!! We will take you on day trips, customize a tour for you or take  you and friends out for a night out on the town! 

We also provide courier services...If you have a document or package that absolutely has to be there *yesterday*, we're who to call! If there's something we haven't mentioned, or you have a special need, just phone us at 603.356.0000, we're friendly, always willing to help and VERY flexible! 


Skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, and shoppers! Let Fast Taxi pick you up and all of your equipment or shopping bags!

Since 1999, locally owned and operated Fast Taxi / Shuttle and Delivery Services has provided transportation and delivery services. We care about the Community as well as the folks we serve. Our drivers always strive to be friendly and helpful ... often making a convenient stop along the way for no additional charge. Both management and drivers are equally committed to superior customer service. We never mind going out of our way for you! 

We always welcome new ideas on how we may serve you better! We will deliver just about ANYTHING!

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Credit cards accepted by phone.