Arts in Motion Theater Company

Arts in Motion Theater Company is pleased to announce exciting news for the future of the children’s theater arts in the community.

“We have formed a wonderful collaboration with the Conway Parks and Recreation Department”, said Glenn Noble, President of the Board of Directors. “We are taking inspiration from our past success and refocusing our full attention on what we do best, theater arts and education for the youth of Mt. Washington Valley. We look forward to a bright future in a new home!”

Thank you so much to all who have supported us in the past, during our days of traveling around the Valley and, most recently, in the past 5 years at the Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Please check back for more details as they are available!

Come join us and be a part of this wonderful community organization through participation in a production, volunteering of your time and talent, or by attending a show. Come share our mission of promoting and supporting music and theater for all ages.

Please visit our website for information on upcoming shows and events.