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Four great reasons to relocate or buy a second home in Mt Washington Valley, NH

News from Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce – June 25, 2020

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From outdoor recreation to educational alternatives and safe, welcoming communitiesmore people are turning to Mt Washington Valley for second homes or relocation

North Conway, NH – ranks North Conway, NH #2 on its ten best places to retire in New Hampshire, just behind Peterborough.  Located in the heart of Mt Washington Valley, and surrounded by the 770,000 acre White Mountain National Forest, it’s no wonder that outdoor and nature lovers, entrepreneurs and those seeking a safe and welcoming community are drawn here.  In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, interest in locations that promote a secure and healthy lifestyle are becoming even more popular.  Add to that a strong educational system with a number of educational alternatives, a thriving Tech Center drawing entrepreneurs to the Valley, good broadband access for remote work and a superior quality of life, and there’s a good reason that despite the pandemic, the real estate market is strong in the Valley.

Brenda Leavitt, Managing partner at Badger Realty in North Conway told the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce about one client who exemplifies the conventional wisdom being overheard about moving to the Valley. “I spoke with one individual from Carlsbad, CA area.  He and his wife and two teenage sons are planning on making the move east on a permanent basis,” Brenda shared.  “They are self-employed and work from home, so they are afforded the opportunity of coming in this direction. He has not been to North Conway for several years but is so committed to moving in and around the Mt. Washington Valley area/western Maine.  They have done all their research about the school systems and what they offer and are comfortable knowing that Kennett High School and/or Fryeburg Academy would suit their needs.  Further he could not have stressed enough the value of having a neighborhood of people and families to interact with.” Brenda shared that this client went on to explain that quality of life, safety, small town living, and a good school system are important to them; thus Mt Washington Valley tops his list.

A current resident posted this review on about living in North Conway. “I absolutely adore the small town feel and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The school system is amazing, and everyone is very kind and welcoming…There are a lot of local run businesses which I absolutely adore, as well as local restaurants. The town is all about small businesses and helping one another.”

The pandemic has forced hundreds of thousands of people into remote working environments. These stay-at-home workers are determining that they can live anywhere there’s a strong Internet signal, and are seeking smaller communities, offering plenty of safety, good educational systems and options for healthy living.  Between the pandemic, protests and economic instability, more and more people are fleeing urban life for something smaller.  Mt Washington Valley fits the bill.

Four reasons to move to Mt Washington Valley, NH

 A plethora of outdoor recreation and adventure

 For the third year in a row, North Conway has been named to the Top Ten List of Small Towns for Adventure by USA Today’s 10 Best list.  The nominations come for good reason.  Surrounded by the 770,000 acre White Mountain National Forest, and host to 13 ski resorts/XC Centers, 11 golf courses, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, plus endless fishing, kayaking, tubing, canoeing, snowmobiling, rafting and ATV terrain, Mt Washington Valley is a year-round playground for those who love everything from hard to soft adventure.  It’s considered one of the best ice and rock climbing destinations in the country, and the list of accolades goes on and on. 

Tax-free shopping

New Hampshire’s tax-free shopping makes the state very attractive for shoppers year-round.  The collection of 200 outlets, boutiques, shops and independently owned stores in Mt Washington Valley added to the tax-free shopping makes the Valley a particularly worthwhile shopping destination.  Add to that shopping events throughout the year, and it’s no wonder people are drawn to live and shop in Mt Washington Valley.

Strong school system and educational alternatives

From a strong community based public and public/private school system to alternative schools including Christian schools, a Robert Frost Montessori Inspired Charter School, the Northeast Woodlands Waldorf Inspired Charter Public School, and even White Mountain Community College and Granite State College, the options for individualized educational experiences are broad in Mt Washington Valley. 

Small business/entrepreneur-friendly

For decades, Mt Washington Valley has been drawing those with the entrepreneurial spirit to the Valley.  This prompted the development of the region’s Technology Village. In the Mt. Washington Valley, small business owners find a supportive business environment, the lowest tax burden in the country, and a superior quality of life.  Add to that good broadband coverage, and whether it’s a tech company, retail, services or a sole proprietorship, Mt Washington Valley offers a safe and welcoming community for business development from small to large.

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