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The Leadership MWV Class of 2017 welcomed New Hampshire Commissioners to North Conway for Session

The Leadership MWV Class of 2017 had a special opportunity to hear from five State of New Hampshire Commissioners during the session on March 28th.  All of the commissioners were refreshingly non-partisan with their presentations and their interactions with each other.  Each commissioner appeared committed to balancing varying interests in the state and coming up with solutions that make good common sense with the interests of NH citizens (as opposed to political gain) being at the forefront.  “We don’t work in silos,” Jeffrey Rose, Commissioner of Resources and Economic Development said.  “We, as commissioners, are in frequent dialogue with each other so that we can leverage the strengths of each department to best serve the people of NH.” 

Clark Friese, Assistant Commissioner of Environmental Policy, noted that NH is known nation-wide as the best source of labor for advanced manufacturing.  “It’s because people want the NH lifestyle and that includes all our outdoor environment has to offer.”  Friese echoed a common theme among the commissioners that a strong economy is tied to a flourishing environment.  Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut spoke to his support for school choice and was challenged by some of the educators in the class.  In the end, there was a consensus reached that everyone is working for the same end, to provide the highest quality education for every student in the state.  

Pictured from left to right: Interim Commissioner Clark Freise,  Environmental Services, James Love, Memorial Hospital, Commissioner Victoria Sheehan, Transportation, Commissioner Lorraine Merrill, Agriculture, Markets and Food, Commissioner Jeff Rose, Resources and Economic Development, Austin Bernier,  National Forest Foundation, Chase Ceichon, White Mountain National Forest, Jennifer Tate, Northway Bank, Alison Harris, HEB Engineers, Trevor Sullivan, White Mountain Hotel, Trevor Skalberg, Journey Church, Danielle Nutting, John Fuller Elementary School, Alisha Martin, Rapid Insight, Anna Burbank, World Fellowship, Christopher Randall, Oxford House, Brendan Williams, Kennett Middle School, Heather Clement, Chalmers Insurance Group, Howard Stanten, Vanguard Coaching and Training, Rose Heggeman, WM Waldorf School, Erin Wright, Vanguard Coaching and Training, Holly Skalberg, Journey Church, Commissioner Frank Edelblut, Education