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Alternative Routes Offer An Easy Way Around

No need to worry about traffic in North Conway, alternative routes offer the perfect way around

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North Conway, NH – Whenever travel writers visit a new destination, one if the first questions they inevitably ask is “how do the locals get around?” In Mt. Washington Valley, any way you choose to travel, the road less traveled will also be the most scenic. For those choosing to come to Mt. Washington Valley to shop or visit the quintessential New England Village of North Conway, the well-known Route 16 is the way to go. However, for those who’d just as soon see farms and farm stands to traditional retail, West Side Road is often the route of choice. And for those who’d rather take “the back route” to North Conway’s village or outlets, the newly opened North-South Road is the way to go.

For years, the West Side Road has been the well-kept secret of local residents, who would just as soon keep the road to themselves. Meandering along the Saco River from Bartlett to Conway, the West Side Road features beautiful and historic river-side farms, access to many of the White Mountain’s scenic hiking trails including Diana’s Baths, Pick-Your-Own strawberry farms and farm stands featuring a wide variety of handmade products and preserves. Paralleling Route 16 on the west side, the road is aptly named to describe its geographic location. Many a photographer has been captured by the scenic mountain views, rushing rivers and babbling pools, along with the occasional rainbows over Mt. Cranmore – all at scenic overlooks along West Side Road.

Now, however, the locals have a new alternative, offering access to Route 16’s retail and restaurant district. Opened in 2002, the new North-South Road, offers a scenic bypass from Redstone to North Conway village, with outlets onto Route 16 in-between. As the name implies, the new North South Road parallels Route 16 to the East, traveling north from busy points on North Conway’s Route 16 strip. Offering access onto Route 16 along the way, the new North South Road is the perfect “insiders secret” alternative to traveling from Conway to North Conway Village, which has been known to back up with traffic during busy seasons.

Both the West Side Road and the North South Road offer views of historic Mount Cranmore, as well as ponds, rivers and farms surrounding North Conway. Each offers outlets at various points along the way back onto Route 16 for those who wish to access Mt. Washington Valley’s restaurants and tax-free shops and outlets.

For years, North Conway has fought its reputation for traffic back ups. Now that there are alternative routes to accessing North Conway Village to both the East and the West, Mt. Washington Valley, NH no longer deserves this “bad rap”. The new North-South Road is the pre-cursor to the future by-pass planned for North Conway, and both this and the West Side Road offer those “in the know” the perfect choice for getting around town easily and swiftly.

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