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Fatbiking in Mt Washington Valley, the newest winter trend

News from Mt Washington Valley, NH – Feb 23, 2015

Contact:  Marti Mayne, 207-846-6331, 


North Conway, NH - With all the fresh powder the valley has received over the last few weeks (nearly 4 feet!)  the conditions are primo for all things outdoor-oriented for snow lovers. The valley is a four season vacation destination, so of course mountain biking and cycling is a huge part of summer fun, yet some think it has to come to an end as winter approaches. Not anymore! Great Glen TrailsMt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Foundation and Stan and Dan Sports have partnered together provide the hottest trend in all-season biking; Fatbiking. 

Fatbiking loosely translated means winter biking, with specially outfitted mountain bikes that use a different tire system. To be considered a true “Fatbike,” the bike’s tires are oversized with a typical size of four inch or larger and rims that are wider than 89 millimeters. The bike itself has a wider frame to accommodate larger tires and rims.

Fatbiking started with avid bikers looking a way to get out on winter trails and desert terrain. To accomplish this, fatbikers realized that a tire that could withstand the resistance of such fine turf compared to forest floor and pavement, was imperative. Today’s fatbikes offer a wider tire allowing the rider to seemingly float across the snow while leaving a rut that is no deeper than one inch thick. The fatbikes  also help the rider safely control the bike from environmental variables that could help a regular bike veer of balance.

It is common practice to Fatbike on already created trail systems, because of the hard-pack of the trail. This is why Nordic Centers open up portions of their trails to those who enjoy the sport.  Great Glen Trails and Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Foundation both welcome Fatbikes on their trail system and work with Stan and Dan Sports to provide rentals.

Great Glen Trails, located in Gorham, NH has forty-five kilometers of trails that overlook Mount Washington and the Presidential Range. Great Glen Trails opens their trail network to fatbikes on the first and last Sunday of the month from 12:30 to 4:30pm. Upcoming dates include, February 22, March 1 and 15. Trail openings are weather dependent so be sure to call guest services to confirm at 603-466-2333. Great Glen Trail passes are $15.00 when you bring your own fatbike. Personal fatbikes  are required to have tires wider than 3.7 inches and a tire psi of ten. If you need to purchase a rental from of Stan and Dan Sports, the cost is $20.00 in addition to the trail pass. 

All trail and season pass holders are welcome to ride at Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Foundation. The foundation has opened its ungroomed trails and its designated bike trails to fatbikers. Trail openings are weather permitting and can be confirmed by calling 603-356-9920 to confirm.  Trail passes are $10.00 midweek and $15.00 on weekends for adults, ages fifteen to fifty-nine and $7.00 midweek and $10.00 for Juniors, ages six to fourteen. Seniors and children five and under are free. While fatbikes aren’t available for rent at Mt Washington Valley Ski Touring Foundation, it does recommend rentals from Stan and Dan Sports. 

Stan and Dan Sports is located at 2936 White Mountain Highway, just three-quarters of a mile past North Conway Village. The store has been a fixture in the Mt. Washington Valley outdoor recreation market and has decades of experience outfitting its guests in everything from skis to boots to fatbikes. Bike rentals are $20.00 for a two hour ride, $25.00 for a half-day or $30.00. Spurly and Specialized are the featured fatbikes for rental and bike technicians are on hand with friendly and knowledgeable services to ensure proper fit and form. 

Your days of biking no longer have to be seasonal. With the Great Glen Trails and Mt. Washington Ski Touring Foundation opening their trail networks for fatbikes and partnering with Stan and Dan Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sport all year long. Get in a great workout as you take on different terrain with snow or try a new winter activity in the Mt. Washington Valley with easy access to trails and friendly staff to assist you. 

For more information about planning your winter Fatbiking, ski or adventure getaway to Mt Washington Valley, visit  To talk with an adventure concierge, call 1-800-DO-SEE-NH (800-367-3364).   To learn more about planning a New Hampshire getaway, visit

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