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Hit the terrain parks at Mt Washington Valley's 7 ski resorts

News from Mt Washington Valley, NH - January, 2015


                                                                   DROP IN TO ONE OF OUR TERRAIN PARKS

With thousands of acres between the seven Alpine ski resorts in the Mt. Washington Valley, NH skiers and riders will find a season full of endless adventure on the slopes. Each resort offers trails, glades, scenic views and uniquely designed terrain parks. Open to all skiers and riders, each mountain’s terrain parks have features that will keep you on your edges and entertained all day long. 

As always, before entering any terrain park, you should always employ the SMART principles. A national campaign designed to promote the educational initiative of safe terrain park use, SMART stands for; start small, make a plan, always look, respect and take it easy. This acronym should remind all skiers and riders to know their limits, be aware of their surroundings and be familiar with park features. A helmet is always suggested when going into parks. Beginners or those looking to try a new trick that may be outside of their skill level,  should consider a lesson through the mountain’s ski school program to  help maximize what the park has to offer. 

The Abenaki Terrain Park at Attitash Mountain Resort is dedicated to the freestyle movement that is a huge part of Attitash’s culture. Made up of two parks, the Bear Peak Base is designed for   beginners with a tire, flat rail, box, pipe and more for skiers and riders to jump off and slide on. After mastering the Bear Peak terrain, park goers can progress to the Kachina Park with larger and more advanced versions of what’s found in the Bear Peak Base Park where elevated jumps platforms and rails are offered. Attitash Mountain also hosts the Stunt Airbag tour on Feb. 18-22 and on March 13-15. This tour is a great opportunity for skiers and riders to try new tricks as they land on a forgiving surface of the sixty by sixty foot airbag.

Attitash’s sister mountain, Wildcat Mountain features the Wildcat Park. Located on the Wild Kitten trail, this park has beginner features created for building terrain park skills. Next it’s on to the Snowcat Slope featuring rollers and banked. . Y having features dispersed throughout the mountain, it helps to break up your time on the slopes with fun intervals of tricks and jumps. (I don’t get this sentence) Wildcat Mountain also hosts the same Stunt Airbag tour as Attitash on the weekends of Feb. 18-22 and March 13-15. 

King Pine Ski Area has several park elements located throughout the mountain in its Twisted Terrain Park.  Small yet mighty, look for adventure at King Pine including the Grom Park on the backside of the mountain which has a six inch Flat Bar, Oil Drum, twelve inch Large Box  for plenty of ways to get some air. 

Bretton Woods offers up 464 acres of skiing and snowboarding and among all of those acres, you will find three terrain parks. The parks progress from small to large across the mountain. Work your way from Toy Box to Coos Terrain Park for bigger jumps and freestyle features. Those new to terrain parks may want to begin with the Toy Box. This park is geared for those who have never spent time in a terrain park and are looking to get comfortable on man-made features. Once comfortable with the Toy Box’s more manageable features, skiers and riders will graduate to the Midway Terrain Park. This park is designed for all abilities. There are small to medium size jumps and a wide variety of sliding surfaces from the corrugated pipe to flat rails and pole jam to additional jibs and more in the Midway Park. The Midway is also open for night skiing and riding. For experienced skiers and riders, the Coos Terrain Park has higher boxes, jumps and table tops that provide a fluid series of leaps and bounds. 

With five terrain parks offering unique terrain and jumps and park elements, Cranmore is constantly updating features for skiers and riders. Each terrain park at Cranmore is designed to help skiers and riders develop skills. Make your way from the beginner park, Matinee, to the Reel park for advanced skiers and riders. While each park has the traditional such as jibs, flat boxes and pipes, look for the individual components of a winding course, berms and bumps to play on throughout Cranmore’s park system. 

With a half-pipe and multiple terrain parks for all abilities, Shawnee Peak has a mountain of fun and a one-of-a-kind feature; the Big Air Bag.  The mountain’s Main Park offers medium to large features for intermediate and advanced riders. Park elements include flat, rainbow and a-frame boxes, rails and rail rides. Beginner park-goers can enjoy a flat rail, roller jumps and curved boxes in the Grommet Garden. Here skiers and riders can build their confidence before making their way to the Main Park and Big Air Bag. A truly unique attraction at Shawnee Peak, the Big Air Bag, is a forty by fifty inflatable bag designed to reduce the impact of skiers, riders and tubers. The Big Air Bag is open based on mountain conditions, so always call before arriving if you intend to practice on this feature at 207-647-8444. 

Terrain parks are open to everyone and regardless of your ability there is always room to try something new. Mt. Washington Valley’s ski resorts offer  new elements and adventure on the slopes all day so next time you ski past the mountain’s terrain parks, consider heading and trying that trick you have always wanted to go for. Just remember to utilize the SMART principles and show your terrain park style safely. 

For more information about creating a memorable ski vacation in Mt Washington Valley, visit or call 1-800-DO-SEE-NH (800-367-3364).  To learn more about planning your New Hampshire vacation, go to

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