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Be Kind Festival Returns to Mt Washington Valley


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North Conway, NH - Kids today, what are they getting into now?!  Last time we checked, they were giving out flowers and giving away hugs.  What’s this world coming to?!  Strangers receiving a free hug have been known to break down into tears of gratitude. Some admit they have not had a hug in years. Meanwhile, researchers say that we need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs to maintain and 12 hugs per day to grow. From first-hand experience, we know this is a very popular concept for the huggers and the hug-ees. Lessons on hugging technique and etiquette, is of course provided first. What else are kids and their adults up to these days?  

“Cookies for first responders, flowers for nursing home residents, smiley balloons for strangers on the street, and many other Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) will once again spread outward from Kindness Headquarters in Schouler Park Saturday, May 17th.  The RAK is only a part of the Festival. BE KIND Fest 2014 begins on Friday, mAY 16, 2014. evening with a new feature this year, replacing last year’s butterfly release. The new event, Candles of Hope, will begin at 6pm on Friday, with music, poetry, a few short and powerful motivational speakers and a ceremony of candles for the candlelit labyrinth, each representing hope. Sponsor a candle to express your hope for those who have passed, for those suffering, for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world. Everyone is invited to sponsor a candle of hope, write an intention to hang on the tree of hope, and reflect or meditate on their intention while walking the labyrinth, placing their candle along the path of hope. 

“This is our 3rd event”, explains event co-founder Michael Kline, “each year the event grows as more people are drawn to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits of kindness. It’s a passionate message that all of humanity seems to be craving.”  

The Random Acts of Kindness rally begins at 8am on Saturday, followed by activities all day. By mid-day, food will be a big draw, followed by a high-energy, grand drumming circle led by professional facilitator Michael Wingfield. The public is invited to bring drums or anything to bang on, to join this super-fun and powerfully uplifting event that represent human connection and communication at a very deep level. 

The free concert in the park on Saturday night will be Entrain, a very popular band throughout New England, who has played locally a number of times and is always a hit. A great source of valley pride, the Kennett High Drum line will set the stage perfectly as the opening act. 

Not just a community festival worth supporting on its own merit, this is also a fundraiser to support local non-profits. This year, all the proceeds will support Visiting Nurse, Home Care and Hospice of Carroll Country and Western Maine, a critically valuable resource for locals. Sandy Ruka, Executive Director of The Visiting Nurses explains  “In an age where we are inundated by negativity and tragedy, our agency is honored to help create such an event emphasizing the best of who we are as individuals and a community.”  

Kline expands on the benefits  “everyone benefits as we raise the level of consciousness for all mankind, starting with ourselves and our small corner of the world. We directly offer the message of kindness to our local schools, workplaces, non-profits, visitors and community at large.” Festival sponsors include The Memorial Hospital, Settlers Green, Great Glen Trails, Crest Autoworld, Soyfire Candle, Grants Supermarket, County Consulting Group, Kline Seminars and many others who contribute financially to make this happen. 

Looking for a way to BE KIND?  The BE KIND FEST is looking for sponsors and helping hands.  Call Sandy Ruka, Executive Director at 603 356-7006 or Erin Wright, RN at 603 986-0152. Be sure to check out the Be Kind Fest website and like them on Facebook for the latest updates! 
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Photos available upon request. Please share this video about the Kindness Festival and what it means to be kind.