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Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens this holiday season, 2013

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What’s Hot this holiday season for Teens & Tweens

Holiday shopping was so much easier when all the kids wanted were toys.  As they grow older, their tastes change like the wind, and what’s hot one month will be so “three weeks ago” the next month.  That makes holiday shopping tough, but we’re here to offer some ideas for gifts that will remain hot throughout the holiday season and well beyond. Best of all, you’ll finally be a hero in their mind for putting them at the top of the “cool list” with these fun ideas.

Here are a few ideas for things your teens and “tweens” will love:

  • Just about anything from the American Eagle Outlet (located at Settlers Green Outlet Village) will be hot with this group, as this is a popular label – jeans, shirts, accessories and fragrances.  There are a number of “outlet exclusives” here, like the skinny jeans line that are made exclusively for sale in the outlets. The sales staff here describes this look as “a looser fit  preppy”.
  • Look for crop tops, super soft long T’s and leggings/jeggings at Pac Sun in Settlers’ Green.  Teens love this look.
  • Your teens and tweens will go ga-go over the skate shoes, Converse selection, Vans and Doc Martens at Journey’s in Settlers Green.  A great stocking stuff idea are the different colored laces allowing kids to coordinate their shoes with their outfit! For those teens seeking athletic shoes, try Reebok, Nike or New Balance at Settler’s Green too.
  • Hit Aeropostale, Justice, and GAP, all just steps from one another in Settlers’ Green will allow you to find just great gifts of jeans, shirts, jackets, shoes, accessories for all the teens and tweens on your list.
  • And speaking of Jeans, Assets Jeans near North Conway Village specializes in fitting the perfect jean for every body size, with jeans from size 00 to 18.  J Crew in Settlers’ Green carries Gigi pants, also high on the “cool factor” list and the Old Navy Outlet carries a wide selection of jeans of all colors and styles for your teens and tweens too.
  • Rue 21 in Settlers’ Green has a full selection of Home Buttons to decorate cell phones plus folding headphones, and the store is a teens and tweens Mecca filled with ideas the hottest fashions for boys and girls.
  • Is your teen or tween an athlete?  Chances are he or she loves chocolate! Bavarian Chocolate Haus has a full selection of chocolate hockey, baseball, skis and other sports chocolates.  Stop by and watch their chocolate creations made right there in the store. And what kid doesn’t love chocolate?
  • The Penguin Gallery of NH in North Conway Village carries a number of great ideas for teens and tweens. There’s a line of very bohemian pillows, keychains, and more, plus teen journals too.  How about a Lava Lamp? Teens love them. They also carry the very popular Alex & Ani bracelets here too.
  • Here’s the ultimate gift idea for your teen that has everything:  Vera Bradley earbuds at the Handcrafters Barn! You’ll also find a nice selection of locally made Sally Bags here, in great designs that are popular with the younger crowd.
  • How about some Maple Cotton Candy at Zebs General Store.  There’s a huge selection of vintage and very cool candy there too.  And you’ll love the old-fashioned penny candy counter too.
  • If you’d rather not have your teens burning candles, consider an electric bead melter from Soy Fire Candle?  There are many fragrances to choose from. Another option are the fragrant crystals which smell heavenly when placed into light-up diffusers from Fields of Ambrosia BATH-BODY-AROMA.
  • There’s not a teen in the world that doesn’t want a pair of Beats headphones?  They are simply cool. Find Beats and Sol Headphones (able to be customized with cool headbands) at Radio Shack in Settlers’ Crossing.
  • When we visited Olympia Sports in North Conway Village we learned the hottest item for teens this winter are the Spyder jackets.  Shop early for the best selection for your teens.
  • Is your teen a Big Bang Theory fan?  Perhaps Duck Dynasty is more up his or her alley.  BAM! (Books and Music) at Settlers’ Crossing has a nice selection of Big Bang Theory character bobble heads and Duck Dynasty calendars too.
  • Warm socks, mittens and hats may not be at the top of your teen’s list, but we all know they really need them each year.  You’ll find a great selection of all three at the Rugged Mill in North Conway Village, or at the L.L. Bean Outlet in Settlers’ Crossing, plus you’ll find a full selection of ski gloves, hats and socks at all of North Conway’s ski shops too.

See, shopping for your teens and tweens doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface with gift ideas here.