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Mt Washington Valley is in the top 50 vote getters for 8th Wonder of the World

News from Mt Washington Valley – August 12, 2013

Contact:  Marti Mayne, 207-846-6331, 

Vote for Mount Washington, 8th Wonder of the World

Presently in the top 50 vote getters, we need to get the vote out!, a popular travel website, is holding a contest to give the title of 8th Wonder of the World to one amazing spot on the globe. Washington is the only location in New Hampshire to be nominated. The competition for this contest is tough, with landmarks from throughout the world in the running for the 8th Wonder of the World title. Presently, however, Mount Washington is in the top 50 vote getters.  With a concentrated Get-Out-The-Vote effort, the 8th Wonder of the World title could belong to New Hampshire and the Mt Washington Valley.  The winner will receive national TV and print coverage.

The Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce is encouraging visitors and residents alike to vote every day from now through September 30, 2013 to insure that Mount Washington wins the title of 8th Wonder of the World.  Simply go to to vote. You can type “Hampshire” in the search column at the top of the voting page or scroll down through the listings in alphabetical order to find and vote for Mount Washington.

You’re allowed to vote once each day, so please make sure to bookmark and then add a vote to your daily routine.  Will you help spread the word to vote for Mount Washington for the 8th Wonder of the World?  Winning this title would elevate New Hampshire’s beauty to a world renowned list, and really put the Valley on the map with the help of a huge PR campaign for the winner.  That helps every business in the Valley.

The Chamber is encouraging all businesses to help get the vote out. Here are some suggestions for ways you can help garner votes for Mount Washington in the 8th Wonder of the World Contest:

  • Post a link to on your Facebook or Twitter page and encourage others to vote daily, like you.
  • Contact groups you belong to and post a link to on their online forums or newsletters with encouragement to vote for Mount Washington.
  • Make announcements about voting at every meeting or community gathering you attend.

Don ‘t forget to vote daily! Thank you for your help in voting for Mount Washington as the 8th Wonder of the World!  For more information on what makes Mt Washington and the Valley surrounding it so special, visit  To learn more about visiting New Hampshire, go to For images of Mt Washington, contact

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