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Tuckerman Treks Make The Perfect Spring Rite of Passage

After a winter filled with snow and cold temps, Tuckerman Ravine is poised to offer extreme skiers no end to the ski season in 2009.  Make this the year for your trek to Tuckerman Ravine.



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Tuckerman Treks Ideal This Spring


North Conway, NH - North Conway logged another snowy winter since Joe Dodge started to keep records in 1959.  Businesses throughout Mt Washington Valley, from snowmobile outfitters to ski resort operators, relished the great snow season, extending the season well into April.  The secondary benefit of the 2008-09 winter season comes in Spring when snowmelt gives both waterfalls and Tuckerman Ravine skiers the ultimate rush. For many skiers and snowboarders spring sunshine signals a trip to Tuckerman Ravine on the eastern face of Mount Washington, the tallest peak in the Northeast. Offering some of the steepest backcountry terrain in North America, "Tuck's" is Mt Washington Valley's version of extreme skiing.

Beginning in late March and predicted to last  well into June this year, throngs of ambitious skiers and boarders flock to Tuckerman Ravine for a taste of spring skiing at its purest.  The area is undeveloped with no ski lift, so getting to the top requires the same amount of strategy, energy and courage as getting down. It also means being in decent physical condition to meet the challenge of the three-mile hike to the top with skis, provisions and gear. On a sunny day Tuckerman Trekkers will witness downhill skiing and snowboarding plus inner tube sliding and sledding. Experiencing Tuck's on any mode of sliding has come to symbolize a rite of passage for many.

Tuckerman Ravine isn't for everyone, however. The unpredictability of Mount Washington's weather, combined with the inexperience of some of its visitors can results in accidents and skiers lost on the mountain. Planning a trip requires proper clothing, equipment, provisions and partners. 

Plan to arrive at Pinkham Notch early, as parking is at a premium near Joe Dodge Lodge, the starting off place for most Tuckerman Ravine trekkers.  Strap on the skis and climb up to lunch rocks, the natural bleachers where thousands gather to watch the ultimate challenge - a trip down the headwall.  Tuckerman Ravine skiing is not for the faint of heart.  While avalanche danger is low as of the end of April, ice and crevasses dictate care must be taken at Tuckerman Ravine.  But the rush of the headwall call die hard skiers from throughout North America every year, and with snow still in abundance, Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington is a skier's greatest rush.

For post Tuckerman Trekkers, a stay in Mt Washington Valley provides the perfect respite for sore muscles.  Visit for a complete list of watering holes for the debriefing and lodging properties where hot showers and a warm bed await.  For more information on visiting Mt Washington Valley call 1-800-DO-SEE-NH or 1-800-367-3364.

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