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July 20

Black Cat Road

Denmark Arts Center

50 West Main Street
Denmark, ME 04022 United States

July 20, 7pm

Black Cat Road is a group of five musically inclined people, each dorky but adorable in their own special way. They tell corny jokes in between playing classic and original songs described as funky, soulful, emotional blues & roots music. Overall these musicians make the room ROCK!


If you believe in black cats, walk under ladders, or stronger, Voodoo, then you’re good at Black Cat Road. This American company brings swamp rock & blues, funk, soulful, emotional, rootsy, raw as they say. And after listening to this cd I can confirm this, it’s funky it’s rootsy, it’s sixties. One take no dubs, that’s how it sounds.

Black Cat Road consists of Steve Bailey on guitar and vocals, Jessie Mae Hines, vocals and percussion, Kate Seavey, on bass and vocals, Don Reed on keys and percussion, Chris Hartogh on drums

Check out their CD Crow Stew a nice arrival, Jessie Mae Hines sings raw here, her voice has something mystical something compelling. Mystical and compelling is also Faith And Ammunition, rootsy beginnings, mysterious text about a (her) grandmother, subtle accordion work, beautiful bass solo.


Black Coat Road really comes into its own in the slower songs such as the subdued Rock Salt And Nails. It starts with only the vocals of Jessie Mae Hines, supported by an organ, the subtle guitar and then the transition to a slow dark solo. In the intriguing Coal Mine, Jessie Mae sounds like she has just crawled out of the coal mine. A compelling song with a nice bass loop and a fine guitar solo. The slow dragging Rain Pushing, of the same sheet and suit, Kate Seavey is here again with her strong driving bass work. With Eleanor they throw out another mysterious song.

After this mid- and low-tempo work they build with the funky Talk Is Cheap and the title track Black Cat Road to the end. That ending is a slow blues, Damned, with Jessie Mea Hines in the lead. She sings here at her best, all nicely colored by the Hammond by Don Reed and the guitar playing by Steve Bailey.

This is what makes Black Cat Road so beautiful.


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