STAY MWV Mission:
To attract and retain a vibrant and engaged young professional presence in the Mt Washington Valley

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The MWV Young Professional Network was established in 2007 to offer opportunities and resources for the Valley's young professionals to connect with their peers and get involved in the community. The efforts of STAY MWV to encourage them to establish themselves in Mt Washington Valley, NH began in 2016.

With a razor sharp mission of providing opportunities, advocacy and financial assistance for young professionals the STAY MWV Committee has established a strong program of work which includes:

  1. Establish and fundraise for the Student Debt Scholarship

  2. Implement and serve on the Governors Millennial Advisory
      Council in an effort to advocate for the needs of young
      professionals wishing to make their home in NH.
      2017 Annual Report

  3. Provide opportunities for young professional entrepreneurs to
      receive mentoring and financial assistance through
      "Start Tank"  a collaborative effort between the MWVEC, SCORE
      and  STAY MWV. Contact Trevor Sullivan for information

  4. Local advocacy among the 28 communities that make up the
      Mt Washington Valley area.

  5. Board service referrals for graduates of Leadership MWV.

  6. Creating Networking, Education and Service projects for
      developing our young professionals into valley leaders for


  1. STAY WORK PLAY New Hampshire

  2. STAY MWV MINUTES (stay tuned)

       3. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER and contact
      Kara Couture with any young professional news.

120 young professionals have graduated from Leadership MWV.  Many of them currently serve on many of the non-profit boards serving Carroll County, NH and Oxford County, Maine.

Please feel free to review the roster below when looking for new board members and contact them through their email.

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Scholarships are supported by:

North Conway Rotary Club - $1,000

MWV Kiwanis - $3,000 reserved for an educator

Mountain Garden Club - $1,000 reserved for professionals pursuing a career in environmental endavors, farming, advocacy for protecting our outdoor landscapes

Conway Area Lions Club - $1,000

Stay MWV - fundraising efforts supplement above levels


Contact Brendan Williams if your local scholarship program would like to get involved.