Bartlett Historical Society

Bartlett Historical Society Mission

Our Mission is to “Preserve and protect all documents and items of historic value concerning the history of Bartlett, New Hampshire.”

A Little Bit About Bartlett

Bartlett is a small, rural New England town with its origins officially dating back to 1790 when it was incorporated and named in honor of Dr. Josiah Bartlett, the first President of New Hampshire.  The true origin of the town dates even farther back, however.  At the end of the French and Indian Wars, acreage was granted to soldiers who distinguished themselves in battle.  The first land grants that eventually became a part of Bartlett were from Governor Benning Wentworth in October 1765 to Colonel Andrew McMillan, a two thousand acre plot and another three thousand acres to Captain William Stark.

Over the years, Bartlett has been a farming town, a logging town, a railroad town, and hospitality town.  This town’s history makes for a great story.