Baly Ha Na, LLC

Welcome to the Olympics for Creativity, Innovation,
And Humanitarian Efforts. 

“Let the Abundance Games Begin!”

August 10th-13th, 2017

Enjoy this 4-Day “Community Unity” Music Festival-All Styles & Genres and Annual Collaborative Fundraiser... With “The Innovations for Humanity Summit, Conference and Expo”

One Song Vision

The vision of the One Song World Stock is to use the power of music, creative expression and innovation to unite every human heart and world culture as “One,” and therefore bring ourselves and our world in balance; one that is sustainable and abundant for all. 

At 7:07pm in every time zone, we will gather for the song, One-Song, as the most inclusive grand finale’ ceremony ever designed, after a weekend of artists who create from the heart, share their visions of what “Oneness” means.   

We will have a variety of  food and beverage vendors, a beer & wine garden, and picnic baskets in the park will also be allowed. (No Coolers allowed inside the Event Gates). 

Join us in our first year and see if we can teach enough of the world to sing in perfect our opening and closing ceremonies (Lip synch is just fine!)

Thank you for playing and being part of the solution we need! Join us on this journey of amazing and diverse styles of music from heart and we begin the One Song movement as one of joy and abundance for all. 

To the music be true,
Barbara Hughes, Founder of One Song World Project &
Baly Ha Na, LLC