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March 29 , 30 , 31

Outdoor Skills: Map and Compass on Snowshoes

AMC's Joe Dodge Lodge

361 Rte. 16 
Gorham, NH 03581

AMC's Outdoor Skills 101 offerings are designed to provide basic skills and knowledge to have a successful and enjoyable outdoor experience. Time is spent in the classroom and in the field putting your newly obtained skills to work. This two day (Sat and Sun) Map and Compass 101 is designed for hikers seeking to gain skills in map reading and compass use. The course will offer two days of indoor and outdoor classroom instruction on the basics of using a map and compass. Program Highlights: •Combination of classroom instruction and field time practicing skills •Multiple hands on activities offered throughout the day •Critical backcountry skill set in winter environment to enhance learning •Final assessment includes winter bushwack •Skill and learning outcomes include: oBasic map reading. Covers types of map, common map features, and what to look for when purchasing a map. oOrienting a map using compass and using land features oBasic compass use. Instruction on basic features of the compass, how to shoot bearings and follow bearings over distance. Covers types of compass and what to look for when purchasing a compass. oLocating yourself in the wilderness using map and compass and land features


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