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February 28

Living Plastic-Free: One Couple's Personal Quest

Nature Learning Center

Living Plastic-free: One couple’s personal quest

Thursday, February 28, 7pm

Nature Learning Center

Could you go a summer without using any plastic food packaging? A year? Think back to all the food you ate in the past 24 hours. How much of that food came packaged in plastic? Those wrappers and containers aren’t going anywhere for centuries to come. Check out one couple’s adventures in going plastic-free by buying in bulk, growing their own food, and cooking from scratch. Learn grocery store tricks for your own shopping routine that could drastically reduce your plastic consumption. 


Unless otherwise stated, donations of $3 a person, $5 a family are appreciated. 


The Tin Mountain Nature Program Series is sponsored by L.L. Bean and the Bank of New Hampshire. Tin Mountain Conservation Center is a 501(c) 3 non-profit environmental education organization serving the greater Mount Washington Valley for over 30 years. To learn more about Tin Mountain Conservation Center and other upcoming programs call 603-447-6991, visit www.tinmountain.org, or Friend us on Facebook.




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