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August 21

Book Signing with Author Angelo Kaltsos

2568 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860



We are so excited to have author Angelo Kaltsos at the bookstore for a book signing of his latest book MUSIC YOU WILL NEVER HEAR.

In 1946, when nineteen-year-old William “Bill” Goudas was recruited to assist in a daring late-evening burglary, he never would have guessed the night would end with the tragic murder of police sergeant William F. Healey. Presenting a true tale of crime and tragedy, Music You Will Never Hear recounts the events of that October evening decades ago, as told by author Angelo J. Kaltsos, Goudas’s nephew.

Goudas was a talented musician and had dreams of attending the New England Conservatory of Music, but these were not to come true. Instead, he would spend a large portion of his adult life in prison, leaving his talent to grow only as a prison musician and his family forever affected by the events. From his arrest to his time in confinement to the time spent with him after parole, Kaltsos relates the story of his uncle’s wasted life. This personal narrative, presented from a family member’s perspective, describes the killing of a police sergeant and the killer’s unknown, extraordinary gift as a prison musician.

Angelo J. Kaltsos performed top-secret research and production on the first B-1 bomber Doppler navigational system. He also conducted environmental research for the first flight to the moon. Kaltsos retired after twenty years of teaching high school electronics and science in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and now lives and writes in rural Maine off the grid.



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