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September 1

Introduction to Peace Making Circles

The World Fellowship Center

368 Drake Hill Road

Albany, NH 03818


Day Long Workshop - 9:30am - 4:30pm

Presented by Howard Stanten and Erin Wright.

Learn and experience the fundamentals of Peace Making Circles: A facilitated process that creates a safe and trusting space in service of hearing the authentic voice of everyone in the room. Transforms Apathy into Engagement, Fear into Connection, and Re- Active Defensiveness into Pro - Active Responsibility.

- Learn From the Stories of Highly experienced facilitators

- Learn to facilitate more meaningful conversations in groups

-Experience the power of story as an instrument for transformation

-Useful in a variety of settings: Racial Healing, Restorative Justice, Diversity Training, Corporate Team Alignment

*$99 Fee Sliding Scale Available

Call 603-447-2280 or email reservations@worldfellowship.org to register!


Click for more info: www.worldfellowship.org