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September 10

Golf Ball Drop

The Eagle Mountain House & Golf Club has joined with the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce for their first annual "Golf Ball Drop".

A Helicopter will drop 1000 golf balls over a designated area on the driving range of the Eagle Mountain House Golf Course. The golf ball closest to or the first one in the designated hole will win it's ticket holder $1,000 cash prize. There will be more than 40 other prizes awarded. Furthest "found" golf ball from the designated hole will win a prize valued at $300 or more.

The Eagle Mountain House & Golf Club will be offering a Select Menu in the Tavern and a very special Green Fee rate of $15 (cart not included) on the day of the event just show your Golf Ball Drop Ticket.

We are working on having "Mango Groove" play under the Eagle's Tent with a cash bar... helping to get us in the "Groove".

You will be able to walk down or ride a golf cart to the drop area (designated safe distance from the hole) to watch as the helicopter hovers and drops the Golf Balls... or you can stay under the Tent, keep dancing and watch a live feed of all the action.

Prizes will be listed at a later date.

Watch our lodging properties for special packages and more. To purchase tickets go to our tickets/gift page or stop by one of the many businesses (Eagle Mountain House, Snowflake Inn or the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce) Listing will be updated weekly.

RAIN DATE the following Sunday, September 17, 2017 same schedule.




Click for more info: www.jacksonnh.com/event/1298/Golf-Ball-Drop