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August 13 , 14

Circus Smirkus

Every summer, a freshly auditioned company of Smirkus Troupers, ages 10 to 18, takes to the road in traditional mud show fashion for a two-month performance tour of New England. Backed by professional coaches, cooks, musicians and crew, our Smirkus perform to audiences of all ages. Each year brings a new storyline and original full-length show combining the best in traditional and contemporary circus styles. This summer’s show theme is Midnight at the Museum.

Join Circus Smirkus to celebrate their 30th Anniversary Big Top Tour with “Midnight at the Museum—a wild and wonderful adventure through the hallowed halls of a magical museum! Embark on an enchanted journey with astonishing aerialists, courageous clowns, and wily wirewalkers as they explore a museum that springs to life when the clock strikes midnight. Please keep your group together, stay behind the velvet ropes, and whatever you do… don’t touch the dinosaur!

Two Shows a day: 1pm & 6pm



Click for more info: www.attitash.com/event/circus-smirkus/