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June 30

Hands to Work- Make A Shaker Chair

Make a re-interpretation of the classic American Shaker chair at home with materials from any hardware store. This make-it-yourself project honors American design heritage and the values of labor, honesty and simplicity while making it available to a modern audience. Mother Ann Lee, a leader in the early Shakers famously said to “put your hands to work and your hearts to God” – A testament to the centrality of working and making on the spiritual lives of these early American settlers. This project gives us the perspective of Shaker design heritage while at the same time putting us in touch with our own abilities to design and make anew. With Hannah Vaughan, an artist and designer who works primarily in functional objects. Born in Los Angeles, CA Hannah Studied Sculpture and Philosophy at Oberlin College and is currently a Graduate Student in 3D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

  • 9am Hardware store run and pre-workshop production
  • 2pm Hands to Work – Make a Shaker Chair workshop



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