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July 20

CEILI RAIN featuring Bob Halligan, Jr. and the Ceili Gang

CEILI RAIN  ~  featuring Bob Halligan, Jr. and the Ceili Gang!

CEILI RAIN is an original, innovative blend of pop-rock music with a dash of Celtic/Irish flavor and a subtle, but sincere, uplifting/joyful message. The band, led by front man, Bob Halligan Jr has been a long-time favorite of Arts Jubilee audiences and are welcomed as part of the Arts Jubilee ‘family’.  As a songwriter, Bob Halligan, Jr., has had over 140 songs recorded by well-known rock artists. “Ceili” ~ a Gaelic (Irish) word that means “party” with live musicians, dancing, all ages FUN. “Coeli” is a form of the Latin word for heaven”. Rain falls from the sky. Hence, Ceili Rain is a “downpour of heavenly partiness”. May it be ever thus!!!!


  • Family Friendly Admission: $12 - Adults; $10 - Seniors; Students - $5; Kids 12 and under - FREE.
  • Bring your own seating. Picnic suppers permitted. (no alcohol, please) Food & beverages available on the Deck
  • Headline concert: 7 PM; Early Concert – featuring local professional musicians: 6 PM.
  • Check www.MWVEvents.com for details.



1-800-Sun N Ski - (800-786-6754)

Click for more info: www.MWVEvents.com