Winning Ways at the Wentworth Golf Club

By Kathy Bennett

Wentworth is a winning course in so many ways. Here are six reasons why you should put the Wentworth on your “must golf” courses for the season:

  1. It’s the only golf course in New England with its own covered bridge – As you move from the fourth hole to the fifth, golfers get to enjoy the unusual experience of driving their cart through this unique covered bridge. Bridging the Wildcat River, it also shuttles cross country skiers in winter.
  2. The front nine and the back nine play like two different courses. While both are challenging, the front nine winds along the river and offers scenic niceties (like the covered bridge – see above). It’s also broken into three distinct areas of play which makes for an interesting layout. The back nine are longer, straighter, narrower, hilly and seemingly more difficult (at least to this duffer). If you are only playing nine holes and have a choice, consider your mood and energy level. Both are imminently playable but offer very different playing experiences.
    Wentworth Golf Club
  3. People are dying to play here. Speaking of the back 9, the Wentworth features an unusual backdrop in the form of a small cemetery. The 17th tee box borders the cemetery on its southwest corner.
  4. Water, water everywhere. The course is home to the Wildcat River. Also known as the Wildcat Brook, it is home to one of New England’s best fly fishing. Don’t bring your rod to the course – but pack it in your car for a few casts after a round down the road a ways (Timmy’s Bridge just south of the course is known for its trout). The back nine also features several small ponds as water hazards just to keep things interesting.
  5. A golf course that attracts skiers? The Wentworth Golf Club converts its club house into a ski lodge every winter as it shares space with Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. JSTF is the largest cross country ski area in the east. Look for the tell-tale ski prints hanging on the walls. The Wentworth course is just part of their extensive trail network come winter. 
  6. Two Snack Shacks – Golfers have two opportunities to snag a snack while golfing. Start your round and pick up a cold beer to go at the clubhouse when you check in. Then on the 18th hole, keep an eye out for Madeline’s, offering sandwiches, drinks and snacks. A great way to start and end a round!

The Wentworth Golf Club offers memberships and daily rounds at its lovely location in scenic Jackson, NH. Visit them online at